We are one of the fastest growing team in Canada within Total Life Changes. Our mission is to help 1000 families earn 6-Figures per year. We are truly creating Entrepreneurs and Opportunity.

My name is Olivia H and I joined TLC in April 2015 and since then It has been a great adventure. Just like you, I was looking for opportunity and a way to earn extra money.

I started looking for ways to improve my lifestyle and help others with similar dreams do the same. When I saw the opportunity of Total Life Changes I acted and joined, because of the passive income the business could generate with a minimal effort.   I’m more focused on building this business like no other. I will help you start this great profitable and healthy venture the right way if you decide to join our team.

This is an opportunity for people who understand timing and positioning in Business. My company is in pre-momentum with only 20 reps in Canada and 500 worldwide. My team is committed to coaching and mentoring 1000 families to being 6 figures earners by the end of 2016.