10370035_swebsite-maintenanceWe specialize in creating and maintaining original, high quality websites for our clients who range from independent professionals to medium sized businesses from all around the world.

Stay up to date with your competition and make sure your site continues to function as well as the day it was launched. Let our team add new features, fix bugs or actively manage your web server. From email to security and more, we can manage your solutions.

Whether we’re updating and improving existing websites, or crafting new ones, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers.
Maintenance and support includes:

  • Bug fixing and problem reporting.
  • Website edits, revisions, updates or creating new content on existing pages based on requests.
  • Telephone website support.
  • Provide disaster recovery from backup and maintain a file library of assets, graphics, source code and revision history for your website.
  • Offer advice and guidance on website management and optimization and potential performance improvement.
  • Create new graphics and icons. Modifying CSS styles and code.
  • Version Upgrades: Maintenance regarding security issues
  • Providing consultation service or documentation for any potential projects or enhancements.
  • Normal priority support is for a 24-72 hour “turn around time”.

Your business is more than just a symbol or a font. Our Price starts from 250$