WordPress for Beginners Training


Course Highlights:
  • FREE themes Included With This Program!
  • FREE Basic Training Videos Included With This Program!
  • Understanding Homepages, blogs, menus, plugins, widgets and more
  • Learn SEO settings and best practices that boost your page ranking
  • Setting up user accounts, admin settings and social media buttons
  • Customizing your header, footer and sidebar areas
  • Using the media library to manage pictures and galleries
  • Special price for domain name and hosting included
How is this class delivered?

You will have to attend the WordPress Fundamentals class. You may have up to 5 attendees in your class. This class is customizable to your training goals.

The WordPress Fundamentals Program is for beginners to intermediates. If you are just starting out in WordPress and want to learn how to manage your WordPress theme and your content, this class is a perfect starting point.

What are the requirements?

You do not need any prior experience or training to take the WordPress Fundamentals Program. The only requirements are that you have a computer laptop. It is also recommended to have WordPress installed with Administrator level access to your WordPress site. If you do not have WordPress installed, we can always train you on one of our WordPress development sites.

Course Description:

This WordPress tutorial Training for beginners will teach you the basics of WordPress from start to finish. By the end of this WordPress training, you will have enough knowledge to create a website of your own.

This is an absolute WordPress tutorial for beginners. We start at The Beginning and assume That you know nothing about WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS), and Creating websites in general. The course is 10 hours of Training Weekend.

WordPress Fundamentals Program :

Learn to Modify Your Homepage, Sub-pages and Blog Posts in Private, Instructor-led Classes!
Quickly master your theme’s admin settings,dashboard settings, and theme options so you can manage your own content.

What are the benefits of this training?

Confidence. The WordPress Fundamentals Program will give you the confidence to do it yourself.
Save Money, The WordPress Fundamentals Program teaches you how to manage your content through your theme’s admin settings, dashboard settings and theme options. You will know how to set up user accounts and manage them and how to add social media to your WordPress site. You will also gain an understanding of best SEO practices and how to implement them on your site along with customizing your headers, footers, and sidebar areas.

What does the WordPress Fundamentals Program cover?

WordPress is a database management system that just happens to double as a website platform. In the fundamentals program, we teach you how to manage the database management tools, the theme options that comes with your theme, and all the dashboard settings that you need to understand to be able to manage your website.

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